Monodrama Duri-Duri Hati:
Kisah Malim


Monodrama Duri-Duri Hati: Kisah Malim


By donation of RM15

Jeevan at +60164718072
Desmond at +60164112459

23 Apr @ 8:30pm

(available until 21 May, 11:59pm)

Youtube Premier

Genre : Theatre

Language : Malay with English Surtitle

Age Limit : For ALL



As his plan failed to cause Malim being chased by some angry witnesses after he caused an injury to the woman when he snatched her handbag. In hiding, Malim regretting his action and re-highlighting the reasons why he acted in such a way as well as the consequences. How it’s going to end when he found out something he never expects?





Perancangan yang tidak menjadi menyebabkan Malim dikejar oleh orang ramai yang marah melihat beliau meragut seorang wanita hingga menyebabkan kecederaan. Ketika melarikan diri dengan motosikal, Malim berperang dengan diri sendiri, menyesali tindakannya yang membahayakan diri. Beliau menyorot kembali sebab musabab beliau bertindak demikian serta natijah tindakan beliau sekarang. Apakah keputusan yang akan Malim ambil?

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4. 1 ticket admits 1 person only (lap-seating is NOT allowed). Children must be supervised by a parent / guardian at all time and may be asked to leave the theatre in the event of disturbances | 每人需持票入場(不允許懷抱孩童觀劇)。孩童必須時刻處在家長的監管下。


5. Organizer reserves the right to refuse admission to any ticket holder to uphold the quality of the performance | 主辦單位有權以維護觀劇品質為由,拒絕觀眾入場。


6. Latecomers will face the risk of NOT being admitted once the performance has begun. No refunds will be made | 遲到者須自行承擔不被演出單位允許入場的風險, 門票恕不退換。


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