Oops! Belle the Witch is Gone!


Oops! Belle the Witch is Gone!


不得了! 巫婆靚靚不見了!

RM64 for ALL


10 Jul (Sat) @ 8pm

11 Jul (Sun) @ 3pm, 8pm

stage 1, penangpac

Genre : Children Musical Theatre

Language : Mandarin with English surtitles

Age Limit : >3



Momo is a clever yet naughty little boy. He often teases his friends, and no one likes to be with him. One day, he receives a strange gift and accidentally enters the magical world of fantasy, where Baddie, an evil wizard, lives. He wants to catch an arrogant child with no friends, which describes Momo to a T! Baddie captures Momo and wants to put him in an ugly soup to make the world an ugly kingdom, forever. Fortunately, there is also a good witch, the kind-hearted Goodie. To prevent Baddie from turning the magic world into an ugly kingdom forever, Goodie decides to rescue Momo.


Originally written and directed by the co-founder of Hong Kong-based PIP Cultural  Industries, Jim Chim, “Oops! Belle the Witch is Gone!” will be presented at George Town Festival 2021 by Penang-based theatre company Noise Performance House, in conjunction with the 20th anniversary of the company’s founding. The George Town Festival 2021 edition of the theatre will be produced and directed by Noise Performance House’s co-founder Chin Teo.









Momo merupakan seorang budak yang cerdik tetapi nakal. Dia sering mengusik rakan-rakannya sehingga tiada sesiapa yang mahu bermain dengannya. Pada satu hari, setelah menerima sebuah hadiah yang pelik, Momo telah di bawa masuk ke dalam sebuah dunia fantasi ajaib, di mana terdapat seorang tukang sihir jahat bernama Baddie. Baddie berhasrat menangkap sesiapa sahaja yang sombong dan tidak mempunyai kawan. Momo menjadi sasaran tepat bagi Baddie yang mahu mengubah dunia fantasi tersebut dengan memasukkan Momo ke dalam sup tawarnya. Nasib baik ada seorang tukang sihir baik bernama Goodie yang tinggal di dalam dunia fantasi yang sama. Goodie mahu menyelamatkan Momo serta menghalang rancangan Baddie itu.

1. Promotions NON stackable / mutually exclusive | 優惠促銷以不重疊為主。


2. penangpac does NOT take ticket reservations | 訂票恕不受理,請直接購票以確保您的座席。


3. ANY exchanges/refunds will NOT be entertained for every ticket sold | 門票售出, 恕不退換。


4. 1 ticket admits 1 person only (lap-seating is NOT allowed). Children must be supervised by a parent / guardian at all time and may be asked to leave the theatre in the event of disturbances | 每人需持票入場(不允許懷抱孩童觀劇)。孩童必須時刻處在家長的監管下。


5. Organizer reserves the right to refuse admission to any ticket holder to uphold the quality of the performance | 主辦單位有權以維護觀劇品質為由,拒絕觀眾入場。


6. Latecomers will face the risk of NOT being admitted once the performance has begun. No refunds will be made | 遲到者須自行承擔不被演出單位允許入場的風險, 門票恕不退換。


7. Please plan your journey wisely to avoid traffic jam, lack of parking space, or bad weather | 請妥善規劃行程,­以避開交通阻塞,停車位難尋等問題。

Please contact penangpac @ +604-899 1722 / 2722

(10am – 6:30pm, daily)